How to Order?

Anyone who wants to try pizza and gelato from Mercurio’s have two options in terms of the way to order. It can be through going to the restaurant or just order online. If you choose to order online, just visit their website and fill up the necessary information being asked. If you want it for Take Out, then just click the “Take Out”. There  is a question to be asked “When?” and you can click Later and choose the date as well as the time.

If you have no idea about the restaurant menu, just visit their website. There are many choices such as pizza, antipasti, insalate, panini, beverage, and dessert. For the pizza, there are many options you can choose as already mentioned in this website too. It is the same with the other menu. If you want to order beverage, they offer coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, unsweetened ice tea, lemonade, apple juice, and more. They also offer dessert for Take Out like dolce nutella and pint gelato.

Gelato shake, chocolate milkshake, root beer float, vanilla milkshake, and others are also some of the dessert you can order. Sometimes, the restaurant offers promo but you have to check for available coupons. For busy people who don’t have time to go to the market and buy ingredients, ordering online is the best way. Thankfully, there are restaurants that offer Take Out and Delivery services. Mercurio’s too is a great business that helps many customers to order any among the menu available easily.